When should I take Elio Restore?

Take 4 capsules or 1 stick-pack of Elio Restore with a meal. You can split your capsules up into 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening if you prefer or take them all with breakfast. Your cells will get the same benefits either way.

Why 4 capsules?

Many Dietary Supplements brands only use tiny amounts of ingredients in order to make a claim but keep profits high. At Elio we insist on using the exact amount of ingredient that is needed to see results. As a natural, as opposed to a synthetic ingredient, that does mean slightly more capsules. But we don’t compromise, and don’t think you should have to either.

What is in Elio Restore

Elio Restore contains PeptiStrong™ a unique and patented ingredient discovered by Nuritas. PeptiStrong™ is a combination of bioactive peptides from within Fava bean. In order to turn Fava bean into PeptiStrong™, the material undergoes a very specific natural process to “unlock” the active peptides. Just eating regular Fava beans does not have any effect and the peptides in PeptiStrong™ do not exist in any other ingredient or product unless it bears the PeptiStrong™ logo.

Is Elio Restore gluten-free, vegan, does Elio Restore contain any allergens?

Elio Restore contains PeptiStrong™ a unique bioactive ingredient from the Fava bean. The ingredient or products do not contain any added allergens of wheat/gluten. However Elio Restore is produced in a factory that handles other materials, so whilst all precautions are taken to ensure there is no cross-contamination we do advise that there is a very small risk of traces of milk, soya and gluten.