About us

iBiote is the first service made available by the French medical biology laboratory Alphabio dedicated to the personalized study of human microbiota.

Our team

Composed of a young and dynamic team, we do everything to elucidate the complexity of your microbiota and exploit your health capital.
Our strength : expertise based on multidisciplinarity.


Philippe Halfon

MD, PhD, Docteur en médecine – Docteur en pharmacie – Docteur en science – Biologiste médical

Lucie Molet

PharmD, PhD, Docteur en pharmacie – Docteur en science – Biologiste médical

Marion Bonnet

PharmD, PhD, Docteur en pharmacie-Docteur en science- IPR.


Anne Plauzolles

PhD, Chef de projet
Docteur en science

Eya Toumi

Ingénieur en Microbiologie – Doctorante

Bioinformatics and Biostatistics

Benoit Goutorbe

Ingénieur en Bioinformatique – Doctorant

Guillaume Penaranda



Aurélie Rocroi




Sarah Amrani

Coordinatrice de recherche clinique

Héléna Vertedor-Audoye


Our advantages


Since 2017, the R&D department of the iBiote group has actively participated in research on human microbiota. The establishment of this microbiota analysis service has been the subject of numerous works to standardize analytical protocols for each key step through which the sample must pass. The bacterial DNA contained in the samples is isolated, amplified and then obtained using a new generation sequencing device (Illumina® MiSeq). The bacteria are identified by their universal 16S gene, using bioinformatics methods at the forefront of current research.


Our website is intended to be interactive with the possibility of collecting information relating to microbiota and our range of analysis. Depending on the microbiota analyzed, the sample can be ordered directly online and performed at your home. Thanks to a stabilization solution, this stabilized sample can be returned to our laboratories by post. Once your sample has been received, you can follow the progress of your analysis on our interactive platform and retrieve your detailed and personalized report.


The iBiote project revolves around a proprietary database which centralizes knowledge on microbiota, allowing each new patient to be compared to a population of asymptomatic individuals or suffering from a particular pathology and thus to highlight imbalances potential (dysbiosis and / or characteristic signatures). This database is continuously enriched thanks to continuous recruitment and to our participation in numerous research projects.

Our laboratory

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1 Rue Melchior Guinot

13003 Marseille

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